Eleanor Rathbone Charitable Trust

Registered Charity Number 233241

How to Apply

  1. Please enter your organisation details and brief summary of your request on our on-line application form. Click link here.
  2. In addition to completing the on-line form, you must send as an email attachment:
    • A more detailed outline of your organisation and its objectives (approx 1-2 sides of A4)
    • A more detailed description of the project you wish to deliver and how you will deliver it (approx 2 - 4 sides of A4)
    • A budget breakdown for the project you wish to deliver
    • What funding you have already secured or been promised, who has provided funding and what your shortfall is (if any)
    • What specifically you would like the Eleanor Rathbone Trust to fund
    • A copy of your organisation's most recent accounts

Applications are accepted at any time and are considered at the Trustees meetings which occur three times a year. Dates vary.